The beauty of Self-Tuition

It's been a while since I wrote my thoughts down here so thought it was about time I got something down on paper (your screen) more on that later this week.

Today I wanted to talk about something that is a huge part of my life and what I do. Something that without it, I would be nowhere near where I am at today. Something that every person with a little common sense can achieve by just giving themselves the opportunity to do so. That thing is self-tuition, it seems a little bit of a silly thing to write about but hear me out a little.

My whole profession of being a developer has come from being self-taught. As a young man/teenager, I thought I would always be part of the music industry in some way. Be that playing an instrument, or by helping people far more talented that I to lay their tracks to tape. During this process like many in our industry, I taught myself how to make websites. I'd always been intrigued by them, so I decided to open up notepad on my parents computer and learn what all this crazy looking code did. The main purpose was to make a website for my small time band that then led to making a similar website for friends bands and more.

I studied Music Technology and Audio Systems at University, during all of my formal education in Music, I carried on teaching myself how to code websites. Leading me to where I am today; I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. None of this would be possible without giving myself the opportunity to learn in my way, in a way I knew worked for me. I feel this is one of the big problems with formal education; it's far too rigid to allow people to learn in a way that works for them.

Self-tuition is something that all of us can do; it helps us garner new techniques, new hobbies, and passions. In the modern age, it is far easier than it has ever been before. From YouTube content providers to services like SkillShare, CodeSchool, Digital Tutors and far too many more to list. Being knowledgeable on a multitude of subjects is a great characteristic to have. Learning can be enjoyable when it's on your terms. The satisfaction you get out of that 'aha!' moment just leads you to a more fulfilled existence.

What I am trying to get at is, don't be the person that moans about situations. You have everything you need to make a change in your life, all that you need to do is make time for it to flourish. The excuse of 'I don't have time' doesn't cut it. We can all make an hour a week quite easily when determined enough.

Create, flourish, do.

If you fancy following some of my adventures in self-tuition, I am currently in the process of learning both 'Film Compositing' and 'Hand Lettering.' I regularly post to my Vimeo, Dribbble and Instagram accounts. You can also see updates on all of the above via my Twitter feed.