Building a fundraising application with angular.js

I wanted to introduce a series of posts that will be coming in right here on my new Ghost blog.

This year I have set myself a challenge that is entirely non development related, "London to Paris in 24 hours." In July of this year, I will be setting out with around 200 other cyclists to raise money for the charity Scope. We will be cycling 280 miles in under 24 hours all in the name of raising money for a brilliant cause.

Why are you telling us this?

For this, I am in need of a fundraising website that will help show people what the event is about along with functionality to sponsor me and see how my fundraising is going. For that, I decided to build an angular application that hooks into the just giving API.

During the building of this application, I will be documenting all processes of the build. From design and UX thinking, through to development and deployment decisions. All of this, to hopefully, aid others in certain decision and development processes that I use in my day to day life as a front end developer.

The first post of this series went up today. So please do go and check it out, and keep coming back for more of the same.

What's coming up?

Here is what the rest of the blog posts will cover; I will keep this up to date with the necessary links as the articles published.

  • Setting up your local development environment. Part 1, Part 2
  • Building an animated menu with CSS3.
  • Designing a logo for an event.
  • Building an angular app using the just giving API.
  • Unit testing an angular app with Jasmine.
  • Setting up your live environment.

I am planning on posting at least one article a week as I need to get the site live soon.