A little change in content

So recently, I sat trying to brainstorm ideas to blog about on here. Obviously as I am a front end developer for some reason, I thought that this blog should be purely about front-end development. Today I came across a blog post by Steve Rydz. It rang so true to the current situation I was in when thinking of new content to write.

Therefore, I am going to change the topic of content I write here a little to just anything that I do. Yes, I am a front-end developer so a lot of the content will be based on development still. However, I also love videography and photography and recently have started to teach myself compositing in Nuke by The Foundry. I also love the Craft of Hand Lettering and constantly trying to hone my technique so will be posting more about that too.

Just a general heads up post to say you will start to see lots of different content on here. Almost all of it will be of a creative capacity but let's see how we get on.